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Where social leaders plug-in

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It's often said that 'leadership is a lonely place' and without the right support, that isolation can feel very real. In fact, the reality of that isolation led to the setup of our group, and the rest (as they also say) is history. 


After working with social leaders (people leading organisations with social purpose) across the UK we wanted to build a space where we could come together and share both our ideas and our fears. 

Today we deliver on and offline events and support across the country. We're a network of nearly 100 leaders, people working across a whole range of charities and social enterprises. Some are large, national organisations with long histories, others are Local Authority spin-outs, others grassroots start-ups. We’re really proud of our make up - a real mix of people, experiences and ways of changing the world.

So, whatever you’re looking for –  inspiration from a leading national visionary, a sounding board on those key decisions or even a more interesting way to approach your next risk register, we’ve got you covered.  

We connect social leaders

so together,

we can make a bigger difference.


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Andy Burnham

Mayor of Greater Manchester


Sir Gus O'Donnell

Former Head of the UK Civil Service


Naomi Hulston


Catch 22


Dame Anne Longfield



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